Some time ago, researchers used the latest statistics and estimated that the average medical fee for non-fatal injuries was around $6620 but could go up to as much as $80,172! An auto accident or personal injury case can often draw out for months or even years, but the victim needs to pay their doctor as soon as possible.

Medical liens are a great way to solve the problem of the holdover period. Working with a chiropractor on lien is a perfect way to receive non-surgical spine compression while your case is still pending. Learn more in this handy article.

Working With a Chiropractor on Lien

A medical lien is like a promissory note that a patient gives to a healthcare provider stating that any care rendered will be paid out of the personal injury case settlement. Medical liens aren’t like other liens because they don’t attach to any assets but give the healthcare provider the right to recoup their costs from the settlement itself.

Working with a chiropractor on lien means giving a lien to the chiropractor before you start with physical therapy. Depending on the extent of the lien agreement, you might pay some of the fees or none at all. This way, you can get the treatment you need without having to wait to settle before you can afford the treatment.

When to Give a Lien to a Chiropractor

Not all healthcare professionals like to work on a lien because of the risk factor. Therefore, before making a lien agreement, you must find a chiropractor who accepts them.

Luckily, finding chiropractors who accept liens is becoming easier. Chiropractic care is gaining more prevalence as a form of post-accident rehabilitation. This is because it’s a less invasive and more rehabilitative way to address spine and joint injuries.

There are many scenarios in which a lien is the best option. The first scenario is if you have no medical insurance and need immediate assistance. Many personal injury law firms will take your case on a contingency basis, but you’ll still only have access to money once they win your case.

Making a lien agreement with a chiropractor is a good move if your medical insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care. You can still benefit from the less invasive nature of the care without having to pay out of pocket. Lien agreements are also handy if you expect the at-fault party to stonewall your case rather than settle it.

Find a Chiropractor Today

If you sustained an injury that was not your fault, then it would be entirely unfair to expect you to pay. Sadly, guilty parties can stall the legal process, which is why medical liens are so helpful.

Working with a chiropractor on lien is excellent if your insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care. It’s also a good option to get treatment in cases where the opposition uses stall tactics.

If you’re looking for immediate non-surgical spine compression relief, then contact us today. We’ll set you up with a world-class San Diego chiropractor from our trusted list of professionals.