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Pacific Coast Injury Network is proud of a long standing history of our chiropractors working co-operatively on lien with many individual lawyers and large law firms.

Our chiropractors are respected in both the medical and legal communities as professionals who are competent, objective, reliable, and reasonable.

Pacific Coast Injury Network chiropractors are called upon to provide treatment for your injured clients and provide expert opinions in medical and legal matters for both plaintiff and defense concerns.

As your preferred group of chiropractors in San Diego, we answered your request for experienced auto accident recovery and workers compensation chiropractors outside San Diego County and now offer offices in Temecula, and in El Centro/Calexico. Additionally, several of the chiropractors in our network now offer additional medical specialties and medical doctors available on site and on lien. See our current blue card contact sheet for those offices.

Attorneys know that when their personal injury and worker’s compensation clients choose a chiropractor with Pacific Coast Injury Network they will receive excellent quality care.

  • Liens accepted

  • Experienced chiropractors with up to 40 years treating auto injuries

  • Chiropractors active in treating workers compensation patients

  • Chiropractors on many worker’s compensation insurance medical provider networks (MPN’s)

  • Offices equipped with state of the art rehabilitation equipment and therapeutic massage

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Whether you are looking for accident recovery, sports or work place injury repair, personal injury, or generally improved health, Pacific Coast Injury Network is here to serve you … Please take a look at our chiropractors and see all that we have to offer.