Medical Provider Office Locations


Bruce Blakely, D.C


Chase Parlett, D.C.


Dalya Rubanenko, D.C.


David Knepp, D.C.


Dr. Steven M. Wachs, Q.M.E., C.C.S.P.


Greg Ninberg, D.C.


Keola Lorenzo, D.C.


Khoa Le, D.C.


Kien Ta, D.C.


Kristy Cadava, D.C., Q.M.E.


Larry Herring, D.C.


Manuel Urteaga, D.C.


Roderick Bazil, D.C.


Rosanna Perez, D.C.


Scott Sebastian, D.C.


Victor Tomassetti, D.C.




Dr. Andrew Hartman


Dr. Bryan Hawkins


Dr. Erik Stark


Dr. Jason Curry



Dr. Steven H. Rauchman



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