How often should you do spinal decompression? You should do spinal decompression any time you experience neck, lower back, or leg pain. The number and frequency of sessions you need depends on your unique situation.

Spinal decompression therapy is an alternative to more invasive surgeries. Surgical treatment options are highly effective but come with the risk of infection, blood clots, and even nerve or tissue damage.

Are you or a loved one experiencing neck, back, or leg pain after an accident or injury? If so, you need to read this guide to understand how nonsurgical spinal decompression can help and what your treatment plan may look like.

What Is Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Spinal decompression therapy is a non-invasive treatment that is FDA-approved for the treatment of certain spinal disorders. It is an alternative to invasive surgeries like laminectomies and microdiscectomies.

You can get spinal decompression therapy at a chiropractor’s office. However, not all chiropractors offer this treatment. It requires specialized spinal decompression equipment.

These spinal decompression machines work by changing the position of the spine and creating negative pressure inside the spinal column. The result is less pressure on the spinal disks and relief from pain.

Conditions Spinal Decompression Treats

Chiropractors use spinal decompression therapy to help treat neck and back pain, bulging or herniated discs, and more. This non-invasive therapy can also benefit sciatica, or pain that radiates from the neck or back down the leg.

Spinal Decompression After an Accident

Many people seek spinal decompression therapy after a personal injury accident. That’s because back and spinal cord injuries are among the most common injuries obtained after car accidents.

Back and spinal cord injuries can lead to bulging or herniated discs or even injure the spinal nerves. All of these conditions are treatable with non-invasive spinal decompression therapy.

Importantly, spinal decompression is covered by personal injury liens while you wait for your settlement. That means you won’t have to pay out of pocket for treatment until your case is closed.

How Often Should You Do Spinal Decompression?

How often you should do spinal decompression after a personal injury accident depends on your treatment plan, but most chiropractors recommend an average of 8 to 12 30-minute sessions spread out over four to six weeks.

People with more severe symptoms or complex causes may need 15 or more sessions. Meanwhile, patients with milder symptoms who respond well to treatment may only require four or five treatment sessions.

It is important to stick to your treatment plan. Skipping or stopping sessions may reduce spinal decompression therapy’s effectiveness. Or it could ultimately impact your personal injury case negatively.

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So, how often should you do spinal decompression? You should get this treatment for back pain after an accident. Your chiropractor will recommend anywhere from four to 15 treatment sessions, depending on your symptoms.

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