The need for post-accident care in the USA is rising. With 45,523 personal injury cases filed in the last year, demand for settlements and service has almost doubled! The stats also show that, unless you can pay for a lawyer upfront, your legal team will take an average of a third of your final settlement. This encourages most people to avoid contingency contracts with their lawyers, but how then could you possibly also afford medical care?

If you work with a chiropractor on a lien, you can get the care you need without being immediately out of pocket. Learn more about this by reading the rest of this handy guide.

1. Medical Liens Don’t Attach Your Property

Most people have encountered regular liens at some point in their lives, so their initial reaction is to stay away from medical liens. However, you don’t have to worry about jeopardizing your assets with a medical lien in a personal injury case because they don’t give the lien holder a right to your property.

A medical lien gives your doctor the right to claim their fee from the settlement or damage award. This is why not all chiropractors accept medical liens, as they risk losing income if the case is unsuccessful. That’s why it’s essential to find chiropractors who accept liens.

2. Chiropractic Care is Non-Invasive

The aim of chiropractic care is to give you pain relief and promote healing and mobility in your musculoskeletal system without surgery. Non-surgical spine compression, for instance, is one of the best ways to treat whiplash following an auto accident.

Chiropractic treatment is also less expensive than surgeries and even scheduled because you only pay for the professional’s time. This lessens the burden of the lien on your potential settlement or damages award.

3. Chiropractic Care is Rehabilitative

Chiropractors not only deal in spine treatment but also attend to the needs of every joint, bone, and muscle in your entire body. They look at the system holistically and work to fix pain and imbalances that may cause pain in other parts of the body.

This type of care after an accident doesn’t only fix the root of the problem and then leaves you to heal (like an operation might). Chiropractors may also prescribe and help you with exercises to stretch and strengthen your body in a healthy way. This often helps the healing process go faster when combined with other forms of treatment.

Get the Best Chiropractor on a Lien Today

Finding the funds for medical treatment after an accident or injury can be daunting. By working with a chiropractor on a lien, you don’t have to wait until your case is resolved before you can start treatment. The medical lien attaches the promissory note to your settlement itself and not your property.

Chiropractic care is non-invasive, so you don’t (automatically) have to face the trauma or expense of an operation. It can also help speed up the healing. If you wish to work with the best chiropractors on a lien basis, contact us today.